Residence permit registration in the Principality of Monaco.

European finance ministers have agreed on a law that requires all 28 EU countries to disclose information about bank customers and their income beginning from 01.01.2017.

A key to your bank secrecy is a residence permit and a bank account in Monaco.

In order to get it, several basic actions need to be done:

Open an account

Open a bank account in Monaco with minimum € 1 000 000.

Real estate

Have real estate owned or leased in the Principality of Monaco, with a minimum 1 year lease contract

No criminal record

Have a certificate confirming the absence of criminal record.

The main advantages of the residence permit in Monaco


The lack of income taxes, capital gains taxes, gift taxes and also very favorable by European standards inheritance taxes.

Bank secrecy

Bank secrecy.

Safety and comfort

Safety and the highest level of living comfort, highest education standards in higher education institutions for our children. The excellent climate, close access to the main European cities.

Our capabilities

  • We will open a bank account in the most respectable bank of Monaco
  • Information about opening an account is absolutely private (upon request, you’ll be met by the vice president of the bank personally)
  • A minimal dialogue with officials, our support in all structures
  • Guarantees for the subsequent renewal of your Monaco residence card
  • Help in all further matters related to the adjusting to life in Monaco

To live in (immigrate to) Monaco is a dream of many wealthy people who want to enhance their reputation and status. However, it is practically impossible to realize these plans and get a residence permit in Monaco without the involvement of the experienced professionals.

 We can help you find apartments and villas in Monaco for the best price and of the best quality.

We cooperate with all the agencies of the Principality and also offer an exclusive real estate OFF-market. As soon as you decide to live in Monaco and invest disposable assets in the real estate of the Principality, you will get an access to a world of elegance and success.

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